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About Us

Welcome to Our New Online Store

In establishing our online shopping catalogue, we wish to bring our corner of the music world directly to you.  Rather than having to jump around ten different stores, travel out of state, or spend countless hours searching large websites that seem to have everything but the item you’re looking for, you can now enjoy shopping for the same high-end instruments Nashville’s top players use, all from the convenience of your home.

Our Philosophy

Corner Music succeeds in serving our customers with an approach different from many other online music instrument retailers.  Contrary to forcing piles of pages displaying mass-produced and marketed products housed in some third party warehouse, we pride ourselves in offering brands not found everywhere else.  From the unique, boutique amps and guitars built by individuals in small shops, to the widely acclaimed logos recognized for their commitment to quality and constant improvement, the products we carry guarantee satisfaction.  In addition, we inspect and set up every instrument prior to offering it for sale. 

It’s All About You

In trusting us with your hard-earned money, you deserve the satisfaction of receiving the exact item you ordered online, as well as an assurance for ongoing service.  Large, corporate chain stores cannot match this degree of diligence to each customer.  At Corner Music, you matter most, and our efforts to exceed your shopping experience with us is our primary focus.

Listening to More Than Just Music

Larry Garris established corner Music in 1976, as he noticed specific needs unavailable to working musicians in Nashville.  By opening the doors an hour earlier than the studios, and offering last minute accessories and quick repairs a player could obtain prior to their session, the reputation for being more than just another music store quickly caught the attention of Nashville’s most prominent pickers.  After 30+ years of service, Larry still runs the business much as he did when bell-bottoms were in style, and Burt Reynolds was America’s favorite actor.  Fortunately, our clothing styles have changed with the times, but our willingness to listen and respond to your needs continues to be our main objective.

Advice from a Certified Gear Head

Email a question to Billy

Should you have a question about an item, or simply cannot decide what to get, just Ask Billy.  Billy is one of those people you laugh at when wanting a quick answer to a question, because with Billy, short answers concerning music gear do not exist.  On the other hand, there are many distinguished musicians, who consult with him regularly for advice in fine-tuning their sound.  In a recent Tone Quest article, bluesman extraordinaire, Mark Selby, was kind enough to mention Corner Music for the selection and sound advice (pun intended) he constantly receives.  Being a master of the telecaster is not a requirement for sending a question.  He is happy to share his knowledge and opinions with everyone. 

Corner Music 5-Star Gibson Acoustics

Corner Music is a Gibson 5-Star Dealer. Click the pic and see our beautiful selection of Gibson Acoustics

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