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Just a few words from our customers…

I'd like to pass along thanks and compliments to Billy. Billy has been extremely helpful and provided a wealth of knowledge to many questions of mine. I'd like to add Billy has went above and beyond in more than one occassion assisting me.



Hey Billy,

My beautiful G&L arrived today, and it's freaking awesome! A bit heavier than I was expecting, but man....what a solid tone with endless sustain. It's like I'm playing a Paul!! Well, not quite, but damn close. 

I checked over the guitar, and it's absolutely flawless (wouldn't expect any different from G&L), and the tone and playability are excellent. Still deciding if I'm going to install my Jason Lollars into it.....might just play with the G&L pups installed for awhile. They really are quite versatile pickups. 

Thanks again for your superb professionalism, Billy. I am very satisfied with my guitar and the service I received from you and Corner Music, and I will absolutely be a return customer in the future. All the best in 2011! Take care, man.



I bought a Reckenbacker guitar on sept 27 and .It was Billy Jackson who served me. Since I was at the Kao camping on music valley Drive and i was on a motorcycle, Billy ageed to deliver the guitar to camping site. This is great service! I realy like my new guitar and I thank Billy for his friendly service and special attention

Thanks again.


Billy, thanks so much for your help the other day. I have typically worked with Jason there, but it was great to talk shop with you and come out with the right speaker for the job. It is that kind of experience that keeps me coming back and spending more money than I probably should on gear from you guys. I find a great sense of pride in supporting a knowledgable local store rather than driving a mile or two down the road and dealing with the corporate guys at $^%@# $%^$#@ (which I do not patronize). 

Let me know about those pickups and I will try to make a decision soon on which ones I want.

Thanks again,


I purchased mics for my church. I recived great service from the moment i walked in the door. I planned to purchase all of my equipement from corner music from that day on.

P. Patterson


I bought two different acoustic guitars, a Yamaha and later a Tacoma, and countless sets of strings and accessory gear at Corner while I lived in Nashville. I always got great service. More importantly, I got very knowledgeable and honest service. I never felt unduly pressured to buy higher than my budget, and I got honest evluations about the guitars I played. I've been happy with my experiences, and thrilled with my guitars. I also had repairs done to my Les Paul. The repairs were quick, high quality, and quite reasonably priced.

Now that I'm gone from Nashville, I miss being able to go to Corner to check out new stuff, used guitars, and just jam on some great sounding equipment. Keep up the good work y'all.



I'm playing at Belmont University this summer in Nashville, decided to stop by and was not dissapointed. Nice selection of guitars and accessories, including some sweet vintage gear. Great customer service, definitely will be returning.

Bought a bridge cover for my Jazz, look great, thanks J.D.


Billy Jackson, with Corner Music went way beyond the call to help me with a problem on my Fender Princeton Recording amp. I had been in before and the issue was still not resolved. It came down to an issue on some tubes I recently purchased for the amp that were not matched. He educated me and was extremely helpful. I just wanted you to know! 



Hey Billy - wanted to say thanks for the help on the pickups for my strat - the twang banger along with the alnico's is a great combination, really sounds good - as always I appreciate you guys, have a good one

Chuck Jones
Shreveport, LA


Hi folks at Corner Music. I just wanted to say I love your store and enjoy the friendly atmosphere there and that I intend on buying my stuff at your store from now on.

All the best. Ernie


This is by far one of the most entertaining and informative websites I've been to. I don't know whether to laugh or buy.

Thanks for making online shopping fun!

Harold K.


Folks @ Corner Music,

I wanted to follow up with an e-mail to explain how pleased I am with your operation.
I am an experienced player, which leads to (as we all know) many years of buying guitars... LOL

I can honestly say that I've not had as much enjoyment and pleasure from an online purchase experience EVER!  Having in depth knowledge of the guitar I wanted to purchase, I had a lot of detailed questions.  Billy provided me direct feedback and actual 'Guitar In Hand' answers to my specific questions, and without falter kindly answered each 100%.  He helped me coordinate shipping in a way that would most benefit me in terms of time and cost.  The guitar was delivered super fast, and is exactly as described.  I don't typically write these type of letters, but since the entire experience was so cool... I figured I'd provide some appreciative feedback!

Keep on Keepin On Corner Music




You have been more than extremely helpful. I very much appreciate your thoroughness and poignancy. I would not hesitate to do business with you and hope I can sometime soon. This sounds like MY amp.   I think with the 335, the 15" speaker will be perfect for tweaking and give the buckers lots of room to stretch :) Thanks for your time and I will do more research on this product. Thank you.

Aaron Moses



Thanks for the reply,
It is always good to deal with someone knowledgeable, and willing to share that, to help a customer.  A lot of people in this world today could care less about anyone other than themselves.  I cannot believe how good they sound, everything, and I mean everything that I want and what you told me.
I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to advice me and getting the pickups sent out in time for my gig.
I think that everyone is so wound up into the distortion sound that they forget how good vintage sound can be.
Billy, thanks again for you help. and the repair tech told me that Fralin pickups are one of if not the best for the sound that I have been looking for.



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